Dear Holidaymaker,

You have booked a holiday in the Domaine Les Moulins. As you know, the village of La Guérinière has unilaterally cancelled the public service delegation agreement between us with immediate effect, thereby withdrawing our right to run the Domaine Les Moulins campsite as of now.

In compliance with the jurisprudence, all of the bookings have been immediately transferred to the municipality of La Guérinière which is in principle bound to ensure the public service for the campsite and therefore accommodate you on the dates of your holiday.

However, you may have noticed that the municipality is refusing to honour its promise to continue the public service and therefore accommodate you. This position is particularly shocking and absolutely unjustified.

We wish to stress that:

.         The Domaine les Moulins has been managing the (perfectly legal) accommodation for over seven years, with no contestation whatsoever from the municipality, although they happily accepted the inherent fees.
.         The Domaine les Moulins has made considerable investments to renovate the campsite, accepted by the municipality, and for which we received no proper legitimate compensation in return for the fees paid.

The village’s standpoint is therefore totally unjustified and completely irresponsible, although the Municipality now has sole charge of campsites in La Guérinière.

We are aware that this situation will cause upheaval for your holidays. Because the municipality is refusing to stand down, the Domaine les Moulins intends to make a goodwill gesture – although we are in no way responsible – and offer you alternative solutions as soon as possible, according to your type of booking.

We once again apologise for the inconvenience caused, which is completely beyond our control, and we encourage you, if you wish, to express your dissatisfaction directly to the municipality, in support of our action.

Stéphane Dufils

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